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IT talent outsourcing

IT talent outsourcing is a software outsourcing company that dispatches IT development teams or individuals to the customer's site for on-site software development according to the specific personnel needs of the customer project, helping customers complete the project in a timely manner. After the project is completed, these IT teams or individuals will leave the customer company The client is only responsible for the employment, and the compensation, training, and social security payment of IT outsourcing employees are all the responsibility of the outsourcing company.

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Project outsourcing

IT project outsourcing means that in order to focus on the core competitive business and reduce the cost of software projects, all or part of the software project work is outsourced to companies that provide software outsourcing services, and the service capabilities of professional software outsourcing service providers are used to complete the development of software requirements The process of building an enterprise's ability to respond quickly to the market environment, and giving full play to its core competitiveness.

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  • Massive IT talent pool

    The IT talent reserve covers major cities across the country and quickly matches corporate employmen...

  • Professional and efficient team

    Efficient recruitment team, professional delivery team, timely and effectively meet customer needs.

  • Deep industry experience

    Has extensive experience in high-tech, communications, corporate finance, e-commerce, utilities and ...


  • Focus on core business

    The core team of an enterprise can focus on its main business, without having to spend too much manp...

  • Cost effective

    The enterprise itself does not need to invest too much human capital for personnel recruitment and d...

  • Flexible staffing

    Enterprises can increase or decrease the number of IT personnel according to the busyness of the bus...

  • Avoiding Labor Disputes

    Avoiding labor disputes between employers and IT personnel in the field, and maintaining corporate r...