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Industry demands

Inaccurate production plan: inaccurate demand and supply plans, often stop working or expect overtime

The processing process is not smooth: production cannot be streamlined, and the inventory of semi-finished products is overstocked
Difficult quality management: quality is out of control and disrupts production plan


Key points

Order management:

Receive orders through EDI, online shopping, direct sales, partner sales, POS cash register system and other channels. Evaluate the performance of different order channels through segment reports. Gain real-time insights into orders, customers and inventory across all channels.
Use the built-in automated process to easily execute "quote to order", "order to fulfillment", "invoicing to payment" and other processes, improve the accuracy of quotation, eliminate billing errors, and strengthen revenue recognition, increase revenue and customer life cycle value.
Inventory management:
Track every inventory turnaround, gain insight into your inventory-to-sales ratio, and greatly reduce out-of-stock and out-of-stock items. Use distribution centers and multiple branches to reduce your inventory expenses, analyze in-depth data indicators, and increase efficiency.
Tracking goods controlled by batch and serial numbers, supporting wireless warehousing systems, complying with regulatory requirements (MSDS, FDA, and other compliance documents), reducing the resources used by the order fulfillment process.
Marketing management:
Communicate information accurately, monitor the effectiveness with in-depth data and indicators, evaluate the return on investment in real time, cultivate your sales leads, potential customers and customers, and expand business opportunities through marketing automation.
Identify your target market, locate leads, customers, and prospects individually or by segment, get a comprehensive view of customers, and use data and insights to tap new business opportunities.
Customer Support:
Support the support team through each customer's comprehensive view, report customer service orders, track product defects while providing customer return support, dispatch and dispatch on-site technicians, and provide on-site service billing according to T&M, fixed cost, or under warranty .
Provide a fully functional customer self-service portal, customers can view orders for tracking and management, provide knowledge base content and answers to frequently asked questions, and shorten support time through self-service measures.


  • 1

    Strengthen multi-channel order acquisition capabilities, speed up order processing speed, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.


  • 2

    Establish an agile and efficient supply chain management system to achieve rapid collaboration between upstream suppliers and downstream distributors.


  • 3

    Business intelligence analysis provides real-time and accurate data analysis for business departments and decision makers.

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