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Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Oracle's NetSuite Cloud ERP is a unified business management suite that covers ERP/financial management, CRM, and e-commerce. It provides leading cloud ERP business software solutions from start-up companies to large enterprises, with 20,000+ existing customers.

NetSuite Distribution Industry Blueprint

Five Key Points of Oracle

1. Channel organization and management

Multi-level sales channel management

Multi-level channel architecture management

According to the size and attributes of distributors, NetSuite can support different dealer registration strategies:
A. The core distributor can be directly authorized by the administrator system;
B. The second and third level dealers can collect data from core dealers and submit them for review;
C. Small and micro dealers can independently register on the online form and submit for review. inventory management collaborative management
Dealer data Each dealer (partner) has complete master data management from business to finance;
Dealer relationship management Dealer recruitment, contract, scoring, and evaluation management are all systematic, and the channel operation specifications are embedded in the system;
Dealer level Full support for dealers and off-line overall hierarchical networks, and the headquarters has the ability to directly manage commodities, catalogs, and price systems, and strengthen execution;
Distributor portal The function to log in to the system directly to authorized dealers. Dealer's sales planning, execution, order placement, and reconciliation process are fully visible and based on dealer portal real-time interaction, no need to build another system.

4. Channel Performance Management

5. Store e-commerce business solution integrated with NetSuite

Key Value Points of Oracle NetSuite Distribution Industry Solution
Oracle NetSuite can integrate e-commerce websites and traditional distribution channels to support multi-channel order management;
An agile and efficient supply chain platform, integrated demand planning can be generated based on historical data, sales forecasts, average trends, and seasonally fluctuating inventory levels. Partners can query or create order, inquiry, inventory, payment and other information in time through the portal;
Real-time dashboard and analysis. Provide built-in real-time dashboards, reports and analysis tools to continuously monitor personalized KPIs.