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Informatization needs of the retail industry

1. Between the supplier and the consumer (terminal), I hope to achieve the highest efficiency, the lowest operating cost, and marketing to the most accurate and highly informational and digital supply chain platform;

2. Support self-operated, agency sales, purchase and sales, joint venture, O2O and other operation modes.

The overall construction framework of retail

O2O management   Comprehensive store retail management

Financial management to achieve business and financial integration

obtain the following benefits

1. Successfully implement the industry's advanced cloud retail business management model, fully open up all retail channels, and realize the consistency and efficiency of omni-channel inventory, orders, members, and product information;
2. Open up the entire industry chain, from front-end commodity procurement, inventory management, logistics distribution, store sales management, to bar code management, membership management, financial management, to create a solid information foundation for retail enterprises;
3. Realize group financial management, from consolidated statements, budgets, funds, direct bank-enterprise connections, to basic receivables, payables, general ledger, fixed assets, to help retail enterprises change from bookkeeping finance to automated management finance;
4. Achieve traceability of products throughout the life cycle, tracking through all key nodes, purchase receipts, inventory transfers, sales out of warehouses, returns and storage, etc., to help retail enterprises improve inventory management accuracy and reduce inventory costs;
5. Overall planning, step-by-step implementation, on the premise of meeting marketing needs, complete the establishment of the enterprise's overall information platform to ensure the scientific and feasibility of the information construction of retail enterprises;
6. Oracle Netsuite products apply the latest technology trend-cloud architecture to ensure that the latest IT technology is enabled in retail business;
7. The entire solution is in one system, reducing heterogeneous systems, avoiding a large number of interface development, low total cost of ownership, full source code opening, retail enterprises have the initiative, and low overall cost of ownership.