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supply chain finance

Solution introduction

In the "Internet +" era, Douples's supply chain financial solutions rely on innovative technologies such as the Internet, big data credit reporting, and Pratt & Whitney Finance, relying on the transaction process of enterprises Warehousing and other operational activities, as a means of financing, through the extraction and analysis of transaction data to achieve credit and financing, the solution supports a variety of financing methods, including: receivable financing, inventory financing and prepayment financing, etc., financial products can Free combination, automatic calculation of expenses and benefits, combined with Dapson's intelligent risk control system, to achieve dual risk control management of financing companies and corporate legal persons, and effectively realize financing supervision.

◆ Visual management of the entire business process
Provide enterprises with more reliable Internet financial lending information management methods;
◆ Big data intelligent credit management
Reduce the cost of credit, "know oneself and know the other, and fight for nothing", greatly reduce the cost of project risk control;
◆ Combination of Industry and Finance
Realize the integration of industrial chain practice and financial products, and provide more real and high-quality project financing information;
◆ Win-win development
Private capital is truly injected into the real economy, capital gains value, and the economy is promoted.

Business model

  • Financing business


  • Apply for credit


  • Repayment business


  • Inventory pledge financing


  • Receivables financing


  • Prepaid financing


Business Process
1. Financing companies, initiate financing applications online;
2. The financing enterprise selects financial products, fills in the information and submits the corresponding materials, and signs it online electronically;
3. Audit by platform financial institutions;
4. After the audit is passed, the system will notify the financing enterprise of the result. Notify the financing company if it does not pass;
5. Loans from financial institutions;
6. After the financing enterprise receives the loan notification, the financing enterprise fills in the "application for payment" online and notifies the platform of financing supervision;
7. After receiving the "Application for Expenses", the supervisory party will lend to the financing enterprise;
8. Enter post-loan management.
Business Process
1. For financing companies applying for credit, the system automatically calculates the financing amount online;
2. Financing companies submit materials online for approval of financing credit;
3. Audit by platform financial institutions;
4. After the audit is passed, the system will notify the financing company of the credit result. Failure to pass will also notify the financing enterprise;
5. The financing enterprise can choose to submit additional materials or give up the application, etc .;
6. After determining the credit limit, the financing company can initiate a financing application online;
7. The credit application is completely online, and the information is published and downloaded on the platform.
Business Process
1. The financing enterprise initiates the repayment application online and signs it electronically;
2. The platform financial institution reviews the repayment application;
3. After the audit is passed, the system automatically deducts the money;
4. Inform the financing enterprise and sign electronically.
Business Process
1. The financing enterprise selects the supervision warehouse, pledged goods and quantity online and applies, and electronically signs;
2. Freeze inventory in the supervision warehouse;
3. The supervisory party confirms the "Warehouse Pledged Goods List" offline, online review and electronic signature;
4. The authenticity of the financial "Online Warehouse Pledged Goods List" of financial institutions;
5. After the approval of the financial institution, the loan will be issued; if the approval is not passed, the financing enterprise will be notified;
6. Supervisory responsibilities for driving supervision;
7. Enter post-loan management.
Business Process
1. Financing companies select financial products online and initiate applications, and sign electronically;
2. The financier provides information and is confirmed by the core company;
3. The guarantee company provides guarantee;
4. After the approval of the financial institution, the loan will be issued; if the approval is not passed, the financing enterprise will be notified;
5. Depository bank repayment;
6. Enter post-loan management.
Business Process
1. The core manufacturer signs a purchase and sales contract with the distributor;
2. Both parties apply to the financial institution for the confirmation warehouse business;
3. After the financial institution accepts, investigates, and approves, the quota is approved;
4. Financial institutions charge exchange fees and deposits from dealers;
5. Financial institutions issue bank acceptance bills;
6. The bank delivers the bank acceptance draft to the core manufacturer and notifies the shipment;
7. The core manufacturer delivers goods to the supervision warehouse and signs online;
8. The distributor submits the application for delivery to the bank and pays the equivalent deposit;
9. After the bank receives the deposit, it will notify the supervisory warehouse to ship, and the supervisory warehouse will notify the bank and the dealer.

functional module

Technology Architecture

  • Platformization

    With a sufficient number of customers and strong service capabilities, the business platform can be realized step by step.

    Value service

  • Link Network

    Make full use of Internet thinking to create core products and monetize traffic.

    Focus on operations

  • Build a channel

    Positioned as a pipeline and channel for precise matching of the demand side and the supply side of the fund. Built on the basis of high-quality supply chain services, it results from in-depth supply chain operation participation.

    Value experience

  • Return to the essenc...

    Supply chain finance is not based on supply chain services, so it is difficult to control supply chain financial risks. Compared with banks, the advantages are gone.

    Data intelligence